Yoga image - Warrior 1Yoga has been around for a few thousand years to promote fitness of mind and body, yet is still relevant and helpful for us today.  It’s staying power is a huge testimony to its effectiveness. Nearly every exercise or stretch that is prescribed by physiotherapists or Sports Therapists will have its roots in Yoga! (Though Yoga will seldom be credited for this by your PT or Physio!) This kind of staying power means that this ancient discipline probably has something to offer for you too. The term Yoga is vast and encompasses so much in the way of wisdom and practice, but when most people refer to Yoga today, they are referring to Hatha Yoga, or the physical postures of yoga. So, though there is much more to yoga than the physical postures, this is what most people are referring to when speaking about Yoga.

A common misconception is that one must be flexible to practice Yoga. This is not true. It can be practiced by people of all ages and flexibility levels. What is important – particularly if you are not flexible, or have health issues – is to find a teacher with the right expertise to serve your needs. A “one size fits all” approach will not work for you if you don’t have the quintessential “yoga body” that has been associated with Yoga classes today.  All that is required to successfully practice yoga is proper breathing, linking breath with movement, and coming into poses to the edge of your ability.  Nearly all people can be taught to do this. You may need to simply find the right class or the right teacher due to the vast amount of diversity within different disciplines

Yoga builds both strength and flexibility in your body and mind, and promotes calm and peacefulness through fuller breathing and movement. It will also teach you the art of relaxation and help develop mindfulness.  There is little else on offer anywhere that can give you all this.

My regular classes begin with a brief centring, then we always focus on proper breathing and then begin to link the breath with movement. We progress from warming up the body and moving through all our possible ranges of motion to the challenge aspect of the class, then gently slow down the movement and culminate the class in several minutes of a guided relaxation that will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Yoga Image - Seated Spinal TwistYoga Options

One-to-One private tuition:  One to one sessions may be preferable for several reasons, but the obvious benefit is Private Yoga allows me to focus exclusively on your individual needs and progress.  We can decide whether this is suitable for you after an initial consultation.

Private Group Yoga:  By private booking, I can design a specialised class or series of classes for a special group in a location of your choice.

Corporate Yoga:  This is a great way to improve morale, productivity, and the health of your employees. Yoga can also aid in preventing many work related repetitive strain disorders. I bring all mats or props to your business setting, or another location of your choosing, at a time convenient for you and your employee’s schedule.

Public Classes: I offer a variety of classes. Current schedule is below.

My style of yoga is predominantly Kripalu, with influences from Viniyoga and Iyenger.

YOGA CLASS SCHEDULE :  Yoga classes are suspended at Llanfoist Village Hall and Flexisoul Yoga for the time being due to Covid-19. I will be teaching in person again as soon as I am able. Please contact me on my Contact Page if you’d like to ask a question about Yoga, or ring me on 07746 399216.

  • Monday:    5:30 to 6:30 pm   Llanfoist Village Hall – Shorter class, suitable for beginners. £5 per class on drop-in basis. I highly recommend you come regularly for progression.
  • Monday:    7:00 to 8:30 pm     Llanfoist Village Hall  –  Intermediate;  not suitable for beginners. £7 per class on drop-in basis; or can book for the term for £66.
  • Tuesday: 6:30pm to 7:45pm, Flexisoul Yoga Studio, Crickhowell – “Yoga from the Inside Out” new class which combines both Vinyassa Flow with static poses. Best for those with some Yoga experience, or fit beginners. £88 for the entire term; drop-ins permitted only if there is space.
  • Wednesday:   6:30 to 8:00 pm  Llanfoist Village Hall – Mixed Abilities; suitable for fit beginners. £7 per class on drop-in basis; or can book for the term for £66.
  • I offer  a special eight week course called “8 Weeks to Posture Improvement” at least twice per year. I am doing this because poor posture has been shown to impact your health in negative ways, besides “not looking good”. It is specifically designed to target all that negatively effects good alignment in your body. It is perfect for people who might be fit in some areas but suffer from muscles imbalance where chest and front of body is tight, or people brand new to Yoga who feel stiff and nervous about joining a regular class. It is also good for people who sit at a computer for a large part of the day or who have to drive a lot.  Please ring if you’d like to know more or be put on a waiting list.  I cannot allow drop-ins with this class, so booking is essential.  Ring 01873 812637, text 07746 399216, or email 

Classes break for bank holidays and half-term week beginning week of February 17th, 2020.

Please note that classes are subject to change. Please contact tutor if you are new to the class on 01873-812637, or text on 07746 399216.




9 thoughts on “Yoga

  1. Rebeca

    Hi, I would be interested in mixed abilities class on a Monday/Wednesday. Just would like to know how much classes would be?
    Thanks very much


    1. cegenevie74 Post author

      Hi Rebecca, Somehow, I missed your question. Sorry. The classes are different prices, depending on where they are and how long they are. The 90 minute classes at Llanfoist Village Hall are £7 drop-in fee; slightly cheaper if you book for the term. The daytime classes at Abergavenny Community Centre are £3 for chair yoga; £5 for the Mixed Abilities class. The one hour class at Llanfoist Village Hall is £6 drop-in, cheaper if you book for the term. If you contact me via the website’s Contact page, your question will come to my email Inbox. All the best, Cathy


  2. Bella Cera


    I will be visiting your wonderful country in a few weeks. My husband is competing in the WFTF World competition on the Glanusk Estate and we are staying in Crickhowell as well. I would like to take a few yoga classes while we are in Wales. I do yoga twice a week and am fairly versed in the routines. Am I able to take a class the weeks of September 12th and 17th? Some other studios wanted me to pay a 50.00 one time fee and then 7.50 for each class. I prefer not to be vested in that manner as I am only visiting wales. Can I take a few classes at your studio for just the class fee and if so…what is the class fee?

    Bella Cera


    1. cegenevie74 Post author

      Hi Allison. One to one sessions are available; generally they are £40 for the first session (this includes a home practice or study notes from this session; emailed within 24 hours); or £30 fro subsequent sessions. I have some regular participants who will come for a 1:1 session to simply work on a particular pose or issue they are having and sometimes I charge as little as £20 for this. If you’d like, you can contact me on 07746 399216 if you want to have a chat. Thanks, Cathy Genevie



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