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Some Truth About Cancer


In loving memory of my sister Ann

In memory of my sister Ann

I’ve lost a few people I love to cancer. Most of us have. For years prior to my sister Ann’s terminal cancer diagnosis (she died more than 6 years ago), I had been perplexed at the lack of progress made in cancer treatments over the many years this has been on my radar. I know that chemo drugs have changed over the years and that the “chemo cocktail” is tweaked here and there, but basically the treatment options have been and still are the same. Your choice, if you have cancer, is chemotherapy, radiation, and/or surgery. I had heard of other treatments from alternative health care providers that seemed to be promising, but the above mentioned three options are pretty much “it” if you go to a conventional doctor, as most people do.

I’ve heard of the “war on cancer’ too many times to count over the years, but I’ve always been curious about why all the big research money was only being spent on the three above mentioned treatments. I’ve always wanted to hear and read more about some of the alternative therapies that have seemed promising, in particular intravenous Vitamin C therapy (http://orthomolecular.org/library/ivccancerpt.shtml) or Gerson Therapy to name just two. There are others, but they receive no research money even when there was money readily available for cancer research. All the available money has always gone to the three conventional ways of treating cancer. Is it because these ways are the only, or at least the best way of treating cancer?

I’ve never been one to think either business or government has my best interest at heart but the thought that there may be a deliberate repression of information and of treatments that may be more effective (and much less brutal) for cancer patients than the above mentioned three options was too horrible to spend my time thinking about.  After reading lots of research from orthomolecular and alternative sources, and also reading anecdotal  evidence from cancer patients who survived against all medical odds, I have been willing to conclude that there wasn’t a deliberate repression of valuable treatments. To think otherwise really is a very dark thought to hold onto! But I still believed there was a better way of both preventing and treating cancer than what was on offer and that the conventional treatment caused a lot of suffering for patients. I know it did for my sister Ann.

After my sister died I was tired of thinking that she had suffered and died needlessly and also a bit heartbroken, so I put this aside and just tried to be healthy and to help other interested people do the same. This cancer business keeps circling back to me though, so I want to share a small piece of what I have learned over the years. The truth is getting closer. Perhaps there has been repression of information from those we are meant to trust after all. We can only make a decision on this if we look at all the information, not that which is spoon fed to us.

Instead of a lot of words, I want to encourage any who read this post to take the time to watch a documentary called “The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest”. It cannot be viewed on any mainstream TV channels, but you can watch it online. You will have to register to view it but it is completely free to do this. It is packed full of facts that are both shocking but also empowering. Many doctors, researchers, and pharmaceutical people come forward with verifiable stories that cannot be ignored and this documentary held my interest to the end. Here is the link for it:


Just copy and paste into your browser, and as I said, you may have to register but it is well worth your time when you consider the statistics that 1 in 2 men will get cancer in their lifetime, and 1 in 3 women will. These are unbelievably huge numbers, and they show no sign of diminishing.

This film does not indict doctors, medical personnel, or even pharmaceutical personnel. But it does show a clear and verifiable history of creating the medical model we have today, and the people/businesses responsible for the lack of choice in cancer treatment and how and why we have all been duped so successfully. I encourage gently and lovingly all who take the time to read this to also take the time to watch The Truth About Cancer. Information is empowering.