Monthly Archives: March 2014

Affirmations and The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction still gets lots of attention these days, originally becoming well-known via the 90’s film, “The Secret”. I think the law is real but very misunderstood. Most people have a superficial understanding of it. Most people I talk to about it think that if they sit and visualize what they want long enough and vividly enough, it will happen. That’s wrong. That’s magical thinking. If you have any unconscious beliefs about what you want, those unconscious beliefs will cancel your visualizing efforts. You have to rid yourself of your mental interference before you can attract what you focus on.

In other words, you attract what you believe (often unconsciously), not what your conscious mind states. The Law of Attraction works, but it matches your inner beliefs and expectations. For example, if you state you want more money in your life, but unconsciously think money isn’t spiritual or you are undeserving, you will not manifest more money. You will not see the ideas for making money that others can sometimes see.  Your blinders will prevent it. Then you will say affirmations and The Law of Attraction is rubbish; that the Law doesn’t work. But it is working.  You are getting what you really believe. You must get clear of these limiting beliefs first, which requires knowing yourself very well.

It simply is not true that you do not have to do anything, just visualize something and it will appear. Visualizing is indeed important, but that is what leads you to take an action. I do believe that stating an intention is a very powerful thing, and that by doing this events can seem to rearrange to help you attract your intention. But things just don’t appear out of nowhere. Life is a co-creation, and generally you have to do something once the opportunity presents itself. Action is a crucial part of the process. Believing that you just think it and it appears is a form of self delusion and ultimately, self sabotage.

You attract things by thinking about what you want and allowing your mind to see opportunities and then acting on them. The action part is very important. But the more you can remove the limiting beliefs that filter out what your see, the more you will see the opportunities that were probably there all along. People take action – or not – based on what they believe. Beliefs create our reality. If you want more opportunity and goodness in your life, take the time and do the work to clear your limiting beliefs about yourself and your world. Then, your actions will seem natural and effortless and you will see real magic in your life.